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The Fourth Dimension

Am I living it right? Life I mean. Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Being what I am supposed to be? Experiencing what I am supposed to experience? I’m confused.

I can’t handle the idea of death. It’s like trying to conceptualize the fourth dimension. Difficult. But moreover, I can’t stand the idea of dying without fulfilling some purpose. Some grand, worthy purpose. Something powerful and moving. I want to say that I died, living as much as I could. And so, can you blame me for wondering if I am in the right moment.

What am I doing that is so grand right now? I am laying here, typing away, offering my private thoughts to the world. Should I travel? Should I work? Should I study? Should I not do anything at all?

I worry that I will never find that chance or opportunity that was meant for me and will mean everything to me.

All that I crave is clarity.

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