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You’re the spark, and I am yours

Tell me I’m beautiful. Tell me I’m the one… Tell me there’s no one else, no one who could compare, who could make you feel the way you do. Tell me you love my eyes, my quirks.

For you’re the spark, and I am yours.

You’re the light, quick and sunkissed. I love your smooth skin, rough jaw, innocent eyes and determined heart.

You’re the sky, the sea, the sand, and all that I know.

I fill my chest

What can I say? It’s a great time to be alive. To be breathing, and living, and doing great. I fill  my chest with the air of today, and exhale the doubts of the past. I think I will change today.. do something great.. be something different

pour me out

I’m looking for something real. just…

open my eyes. I cry because I can’t

Look into his eyes

Be vulnerable, be brave, look at people in their eyes, listen, don’t judge, be better. Do what makes you better, stronger, so much higher. GET OVER YOURSELF. It’s not going to be real, unless you make it real.


A transformation is necessary. Just trust you’re worth.


BOLD truth.

don’t cry for tomorrow

Unclench…slowly open. Because when that weathered heart opens, when that crumpled spirit begins to pulse, Oh, the world opens. It’s like a high. As if the universe begins to allign–for you, time smiles and for the first time, you realize this life, THIS life, is the only chance you’ve got to break, to scream, to hate, to cry, to breath, to love, to open, to realize, to be.

Make it what you may, but make it quick. Quick steps, it shall end soon, and this very moment decides–let it decide. Wash your hands and begin again. You can.