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looking for love is lonely

I realized something today.

I want an simple life. With a few things: family, friends- lots of good and caring friends, happiness, and above all love. And I think that’s the one thing lacking here- love. And I think that a lot of people want love. It’s a human necessity really, and we feel incomplete without it. And I think I try to fix or shift the other parts of my life, trying to accomodate, trying to figure out some way to get love, find love, be in love.

I hate waiting…. it’s lonely…


  sinisterdilemma wrote @

yes. yes, waiting is lonely. i feel for ya. its the sotry of my life..

i just hope that this much waiting, and broken hearts, and pain and crying over someone who doesnt love you back is worth it..when you find that someone..

its the only string of hope ive got in me about this whole thing

-sinister dilemma

  zoraidamantilla wrote @

Its the story of my life too. I will always ask my self why do I feel lonely ? I have great friends, great family, and a great job.. but the perfect boyfriend is missing..

I have a long list of broken heart and sad nights..
I have checklist of a perfect boyfriend:
1. Working man
2. He should love me just the way I am.
3. He treats me like a princess.
Is that so hard to find?
4. He has to be faithfull to me all the time.

Is the next guy going to be the one or I will be lonely for the rest of my life??..

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