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finding love isn’t easy, you have to be ready for it

Some people are open to love. Some people live with open hearts and those kinds of people find each other- at the supermarket, book store, coffee shop, or what have you. Those kinds of people will love often, and grow frequently.

I’m not sure if I’m like that- for some reason, maybe life experience or maybe genetics, I’m not someone who is open and free with love. I hate that. I wish I was open, honest, and forward.

hmm… some people have it…. some people know what love is, how to attract it, how to find it… some people are in touch with that… that innate human intuition…



  kasmawati wrote @

bsa tiidak crhat melalui program kmui disitu

  sinisterdilemma wrote @

im a teenage girl and ive had many people say to me “if you want to find love, be open to it! open your soul for love” and all sorts of crap like that.

you know what ? i AM open! hell, yeah im open! but it just doesnt happen. it seriously doesnt! ive been to starbucks 100 times in the past few weeks, to the supermarket God knows how many times.. i know pretty much everyone in school. AND I JUST DONT FIND THAT PERSON

so maybe being open isnt enough after all, i start thinking to myself.

so ive thought about this a lot, and here is a list of what i think you need to find love: beauty, luck, luck, beauty, popularity, friends, beauty, lots and lots of friends, luck, courage, strings and some more luck.

– sinister dilemma

  revitalization wrote @

First, I want to thank you for your comments. I usually don’t respond to comments, but I feel I should here…
First of all, you’re young! Just starting high school- you’ve got time, a lot of time to find that person, that someone who fits you and belongs to you. You’ve got time. Please don’t think that it’s all about beauty, luck, and popularity– personally, I don’t think it’s about that. It’s about being real, honest and confident. I still think you do have to be open to love, while you may disagree, it seems to work for a lot of people– being open means being ready, loving yourself and being ready to offer love. I’m not even sure I’m ready yet. And trust me, I’ve done my share of scoping guys while shopping–that’s not how you meet him, even though that’s how it’s shown in movies. I think you meet that guy, that one guy, when you both a ready, when you both are in the same stage in life, when you both can offer each other something amazing and new and different.
Don’t get me wrong, I get it. Trust me. I get it. My friends, some are talking about getting married, some leap from boyfriend to boyfriend. But I think, I sincerely believe that I will have mine. And I think you will have yours too.

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