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Five, singular, solid, waxy minutes

I just had five minutes. One of those five minutes that reminds of what I already know, but seem to forget in the present. I seem to get lost in the current world that surrounds, I seem to forget where I truly stand. I seem to see what is placed in front of my face, what commotion enters my ears, what I am told to know.

I am being vague. What do I want to say to you? Why do I want to say this to YOU? I am not entirely sure, and I am almost certain that I am not entirely sure of anything. It’s part of the problem. How can you be, really, sure? When everything you know is what you are told, what is put upon you. From birth, you enter this world, screaming and raging that someone stole you away from serenity. You are pulled into a world of chaos, dumped into this manic life without so much as an instruction manual. But you pick yourself up, and you pick you head up, looking up. You look up at people, follow, and do what they say. After all, they probably know…. They’ve been here longer, they’ve experienced more of the “life” that is so new and so painful. They will steer me right. Right?

I think we steer ourselves, somehow, figuring that we should divide this world into what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s up and what’s down, what’s true and what’s not true. Well, what’s true is a truth I am trying to realize. I am trying to realize, I am trying to convince myself that those five minutes is all that is true.

Five, singular, solid, waxy minutes. They stood still. Individually. Like candles, solid and sound, dripping sound into my echoing eardrums, drumming about what I already know. It’s simple in a completely ungrounded, perhaps lunatic sort of reasoning: It’s hard for me to grip this tangibility, but it’s really the only tangible thing we have. I accept that I am here, in present moment, but that’s about the only thing I can accept. I.. I feel like I am making a mess of my words, of my thoughts, they are spilling everywhere…

Ok. All I wanted to say is that I had five minutes. Five minutes of realization, panic, and concern. Five minutes of red fear that life is ending for me, and everyone. Five minutes of doubt that anyone in this entire world knows anything at all about living, about life, about death, about…. What…we….are. Five minutes of melancholy. Five minutes of heart-wrenching agony. Five minutes of a furrowed brow. Five minutes considering the possibility that I may never figure it out….whatever it is.


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