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instinct from deep within

we grow from perfection. perfect eyes, perfect skin, perfect souls. we enter the world with total innocence that begins to fade the moment we take that first gasp. that first scream. that first wailing cry. evolution begins to creep out. out of our DNA. millions of years of evolution begins to take complete control. it dictates our first step, our first words. it dictates absolutely everything. instinct, from deep within. from deep inside. instinct that has been developing since the very first life, and the very first death. life and death, for millions of years. Breeding instinct, breeding what we are today. we start innocent, but we grow like seeds soaked in history, predetermined from the beginning of time. oh don’t be so naive– you have no control. everything that you are has been written since the beginning of time. you are simply fulfilling some master plan, preset well before the formation of your very own conciousness. animals simply breeding evolution for a future race, a means with no end in sight.


  Rubio Pure Sabadia wrote @

Imagine, or at least try to. Every existence exists because we can see it. If there is something you can’t imagine, it doesn’t exist. Logically follows the awareness that if there is something you can imagine, it can exist. A thought is an intentional non-existance of an existence.
Oh yeah, and don’t be so naive – you have no time. It is simply a creation of the human mind fulfilling some need for structure to control, used well for the formation of your very own conciousness.

  Lyndon Ucci wrote @

I agree 100%

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