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I think life is full of defining moments. And it’s up to you to take those moments, grasp them in your hands. But. I wonder. Sometimes, I wonder, what if we don’t take those moments? What if we let them pass by? What if those moments get whisked away, and you’ve lost it. Do those lost moments, majorly affect your life? The life you could have been? Should we consider every lost opportunity a devastation, a great loss that could have been great?

Or. Perhaps, those moments that come and go, those opportunities, perhaps you were supposed to let them go, perhaps you were supposed to pass them by. I’m not sure if there’s anything in this world we are “supposed” to do, but maybe there are moments that you do have and moments that you will never have, and that’s just the way it is. Maybe those moments were never going to be part of your life, because if they were, then it wouldn’t be your life.


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