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Archive for August, 2014

The way

The way your hand grazes against mine. The way our knees touch, ever so slightly. The way you place your hand on the small of my back. The way I touch your arm, your back just for a moment. The way I look at you. The way you spot me in a crowd. The way I crave your warmth. The way your face fills my hands. The way your hands lock around me. The way I think about us. The way you think about her. The way I can’t seem to let you go. The way you let me go.

Sometimes I dream

Sometimes I dream about a life that I would love. Sometimes I dream about traveling the world, about seeing every culture, about meeting people, people who have separate lives, who have lived such lives full of stories, of heartbreak and of romance. I dream about exploring, I dream of discovery. Both within myself and around me. Sometimes I dream about writing. I dream about letting go of all responsibility. I dream about being true to myself, about having the courage to go for what I want. Sometimes I dream of love. Sometimes I pray for love. Sometimes I pray for a love that would be life-changing, in ways that I could not fathom in this moment. Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I wonder if all of this is possible. I wonder if one human can do so much in one life. I wonder if one human can see it all, experience it all, feel it all. I wonder if we all get that chance. I wonder if I will have the chance to explore, and love, and experience. Sometimes I fear the unknown. Sometimes I fear what I don’t have, and I fear that I will never have all that I want. Sometimes I fear I am too cowardly, to shy. Sometimes I fear that I am the only one in the way of achieving and attaining all of my wildest, wildest dreams. And sometimes I cry. Sometimes I cry because I don’t understand it all, and I fear I will never understand it all. Sometimes I cry for others, and for myself. Sometimes I cry for all the moments that I will never know. But, sometimes… well, sometimes I dream.