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Sometimes I dream

Sometimes I dream about a life that I would love. Sometimes I dream about traveling the world, about seeing every culture, about meeting people, people who have separate lives, who have lived such lives full of stories, of heartbreak and of romance. I dream about exploring, I dream of discovery. Both within myself and around me. Sometimes I dream about writing. I dream about letting go of all responsibility. I dream about being true to myself, about having the courage to go for what I want. Sometimes I dream of love. Sometimes I pray for love. Sometimes I pray for a love that would be life-changing, in ways that I could not fathom in this moment. Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I wonder if all of this is possible. I wonder if one human can do so much in one life. I wonder if one human can see it all, experience it all, feel it all. I wonder if we all get that chance. I wonder if I will have the chance to explore, and love, and experience. Sometimes I fear the unknown. Sometimes I fear what I don’t have, and I fear that I will never have all that I want. Sometimes I fear I am too cowardly, to shy. Sometimes I fear that I am the only one in the way of achieving and attaining all of my wildest, wildest dreams. And sometimes I cry. Sometimes I cry because I don’t understand it all, and I fear I will never understand it all. Sometimes I cry for others, and for myself. Sometimes I cry for all the moments that I will never know. But, sometimes… well, sometimes I dream. 


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