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The music starts to play, lightly, the piano sings a soft lullaby, lulling your mind, sweeping your thoughts into currents and eddies, floating effortlessly, moving with the air, with the wind. You watch the keys dance, ivory white leaping and diving in a choreographed ballet with their jet black partners following in suit. It’s as if that’s all they know, because it is all they know and all they will ever know. Their purpose and their intention being to follow their bony puppeteers, the true orchestrators, and translate thought into harmonious cadence, inviting unsuspecting listeners to be swept up in sweet serenity.

Open up again

What to write about today? What do I feel, what do I see? I feel like it’s been so so long since I’ve written here, written honestly and written openly. I feel like it’s been eons since I’ve let my creativity flow, letting it slide down the slippery rocks and land in the beautiful oasis of your mind. I think I use to think in wonder, wonder and color. I used to write beautifully, I used imagery and enlivened the senses. I’d like to get back to that, get back to the days when my fingers could tap across this board and create poetic prose with each click, masterfully, with little thought, with only an open mind.