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Archive for July, 2019

My golden heart

When I peer inside my heart, when I dissect down past the skin, muscle, fat and bones, I unearth my dusty, beating heart, rhythmic and forever beating. It never pauses, not even for a second. It persists without doubts, without fears, without reluctance. It keeps going, in any and all situations, through joyous times and through heartache and dismal days. My heart, well it’s soley mine, it’s reliable, it’s forever, it’s with me. It’s been there since birth and it allows me to push on, move forward, continue my march through this story we’re told is called life and through this journey as I etch my personalized marks on the face of our earth. My heart takes it all in stride, all of it, everything single day, hour, minute and second. It just keeps on. My golden heart, humming with hope and purring with resiliance. As if it simply knows. It’s a truly beautiful thing, this ticking muscle, pumping life into every part of me.

Blue skies. Open waters.

Blue skies. Open waters. Tall mountains with snow caps. Golden light peering through stretches of clouds, shining on a patchwork of different shades of green. The breeze in your hair, on your face. The smell of the ocean, of fresh moutain air, of pine trees. Shall I go on? Okay. Islands that litter the aqua green ocean, shooting straight from the depths and rising tall, reaching for the skies as swallows dance around the rocky crowns. Bushes and trees hang on tightly to their sides. Silkly smooth sunsets that melt into still ponds and, for a moment, everything stands still.

There is such incredible beauty out there. Such gorgeous imagery, a vast infinity of permutations of nature, evolution, survival, existence.