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Reveal Your Story

A Social Experiment.

To more fully understand the depths of human condition and the extent of the human spirit.

To gain insight on what connects all of us, as people.

Please send me your life stories, whether about love, passion, divorce, death, war, religion, dreams, friendships, etc. They can be about anything- anything that affected you, shaped you, and made you who you are in this moment.

Please send your stories, questions, poetry, etc. to, and I will post them here, anonymously, so we can all discover how beautifully interconnected the human race really is.




  sally wrote @

Iam very ulgy plus my body is horrible.I want to change it
but would need plastic surgery.I try to talk to people but they
don;t want anything to with me.Beauty is everything

  Shabeer Khalid wrote @

I can’t help but wonder, where do you draw the line between settling and having too high expectations? I mean, does it really take compromise?

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