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I want him

I want our hands to hold each other, the way they just drift together, without any thought.

I want him to guide me in a crowd, by placing his hand on my lower back, ever so gently

I want to wrap my arms around his strong torso when it’s cold, pulling him tightly.

I want him to him to stand so close that it make my heart race and sends chills down my neck.

I want to cup his face in my two hands. I want to feel his jaw, his cheek, his soft hair.

I want to lay my ear on his chest, listening to his heart beat, falling asleep to the rhythm

I want to feel comfort when near him, beside him

I want happiness and joy and laughter when playing with him

I want to share the world’s sorrow and pain knowing that his and my heart aches the same

I want to grow with him

I want to know that when we look in each other’s eyes, we sense everything.

It’s simple; I want him and only him.