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Here’s what I deserve

Actually no. It’s not what I deserve. And I don’t think anyone deserves this. I think you’re just lucky… I think you have to be lucky to find love. To find someone compatible. To find someone else who complements you in the best ways. So here’s what I’m hopeful for: 

I hope to find someone wonderful. Someone passionate and kind. Someone family oriented. Someone who works hard, for not just himself, but the both of us. I hope to find someone who is handsome, who has strong arms and strong hands. Someone who can carry the weight of my endless aspirations, hopes and dreams on his shoulders along with his. I want someone who I’m so utterly attracted to. Someone whose outer beauty, while quite beautiful, pales to his inner beauty. I want someone tall, who can see the world a little differently than I can. I want someone loving. I want someone who holds me in his arms. I someone who will play with my hair as I lay my head on his bare chest, listening to his heart, feeling his warmth. I want someone whose touch sparks something in me. Someone that makes me feel giddy, and happy. Someone that fills my life with laughter, and I his. I want someone who will support me and stand by my side. I want someone who will listen, who will let me cry on his shoulder. I want someone who wants to build a life with me, who wants to have babies and start a loving family. I want someone whose hand will fit my hand, and only my hand. I want someone who loves life, who wants to explore and who wants to live freely because we only live once. I want someone I connect with, I mean really connect. I want someone who will fill my heart, my lungs, and my entire being with love.

Deserve? I don’t think any one being deserves love more than the next. But I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful.

I want him

I want our hands to hold each other, the way they just drift together, without any thought.

I want him to guide me in a crowd, by placing his hand on my lower back, ever so gently

I want to wrap my arms around his strong torso when it’s cold, pulling him tightly.

I want him to him to stand so close that it make my heart race and sends chills down my neck.

I want to cup his face in my two hands. I want to feel his jaw, his cheek, his soft hair.

I want to lay my ear on his chest, listening to his heart beat, falling asleep to the rhythm

I want to feel comfort when near him, beside him

I want happiness and joy and laughter when playing with him

I want to share the world’s sorrow and pain knowing that his and my heart aches the same

I want to grow with him

I want to know that when we look in each other’s eyes, we sense everything.

It’s simple; I want him and only him.