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So this new attitude thing- it’s working! I’ve had some really good days, some of the best this summer. I’ve been trying to approach people, and be approachable, friendly, and open! Now, how to approach guys…hmm…any suggestions?

Kiss me! Or I’ll pounce

I have the strongest desire to grab the next semi-good –looking guy I see, and kiss him on the mouth. I am so stir-crazy, it’s ridiculous! I find myself fantasizing about the guys I see around- the guy at the bookstore who I made small talk with, the guy at the mall who I made I contact with (multiple times), the guy at work who I desperately want to meet. I want a guy NOW!

Before, I would criticize myself on my faults: my semi-pooch of a belly, my little love handles, my short torso…etc. etc., thinking that these are the reasons guys don’t like me, thinking that my lack of perfection was my utter downfall. But now I realize the only thing I can criticize is my lack of boldness! I need to meet guys, be out-going, talkative, and myself- mostly be myself! I need to stop bottling up, and be approachable, and approach people!

So that’s what I’m going to do. From now on, I’m going to focus on the positives, be myself- unyieldingly and get a guy! Hah!

 I don’t find a guy soon, I might blow up or just pounce on the next guy coming my way!